Sandra Treagus

Although Sandra trained in ceramics at Greyfriars College concentrating on sculpture and figurative work, 15 years ago she found a new direction for her work when she started carving in stone. She now works entirely in stone concentrating on figurative and abstract forms.

Her work has been shown in several London galleries, The Mall Gallery, Morley Gallery and as part of the Southwark Festival. She has had 2 exhibitions at The Gallery at 28, Cork Street, London, both in collaboration with the artist, Jonathan Miller. Following her first joint exhibition, she was commissioned to create an award given to the 'Woman of the Year'. Her work is now in many private collections in England and on the Continent.

Sandra works in a variety of stone, the white alabaster, polyphant, ancaster and hopton wood stone is from Nigel Owen in Wolverhampton and is quarried in England. The coloured alabaster is quarried in Colorado and Utah and shipped to England via New York. She lives and works in London, France and the Canary island of Lanzarote, where a new studio in El Golfo is planned.

Since 2009, her love affair with horses culminated with a ride across Inner Mongolia for the Brooke Hospital for animals. In 2012, in support of World Horse Welfare, she rode across the High Plateau in Eastern Tibet; she has now been back several times to this remote country and both horses and that beautiful country have been a new influence on her latest work.

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